Bunion Care Corrector

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This is an orthotics tool that corrects the bone structure of bunions. It provides foot pain relief without an invasive procedure.

It’s a resting splint that’s perfect for everyday use anytime, anywhere. It applies a 3-point pressure system preventing hallux valgus deformity. The big toe correction bends the structure relieving of stress and foot pain.

The Bunion Care Corrector also eases the pressure of the toe joint making it a comfortable accessory to wear. It’s also easily adjustable so it gives maximum support for a huge deal of comfort. Adults will definitely love this.

Technical specs about the Bunion Car Corrector:

  • A resting splint perfect for everyday use
  • The double-layer tape is the perfect remedy to stabilizing the foot’s central arch
  • Works on: Calloused toes, foot discomfort, overlapping toes, outer toes, beetle-crusher bone

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